MAGIX Music Maker Basic Edition

MAGIX Music Maker Basic Edition 12.1

MAGIX Music Maker is a music composer for creating a track in a few steps
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MAGIX Music Maker is a powerful music composer for creating an entire track in a few steps.
User selects music style, can play on virtual instruments and percussion sets, records her/his own voice, combines the different parts as blocks to be aligned and applies multiple effects to the timeline.

Sound input can be selected: USB port, line-in or microphone input, etc. Previously created and saved tracks (or parts) can be open and added to the project.

User arranges the different parts of the project to fit the way (s)he wants for harmonizing the whole project, using the built-in Arranger.

Multiple realistic virtual instruments, drum solos, synthesized elements, studio effects, sorround sound, many sound and MIDI loops, selectable echos to apply to different parts, media database, multiple beats creator, bass and drum editor, piano and multiple keyboards, strings like acoustic guitars including sliding noises, all displayed on a timeline presentation, as a professional mixing table, for creating high quality masters.

User can publish created music as a podcast and upload it to different portals, as a proper radio show.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Powerful effects supplier. Comprehensive help file


  • Too many things on the user interface
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